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Charter Oak and Happy Honkers

As it becomes hotter these “Dog Days of Summer,” we find that we have less participation in our car Tours and Events. Most of our Model A’s are not air conditioned, but more and more are finding that a company in Texas has a retrofit a/c kit that is not too expensive and is fairly simple to install (http://www.kendavismodela.com/AirConditioners.html.) And, the Members that have these units say that the a/c runs them out of the car because it is so cold. Also they do not take the power away from the engine as much as the earlier model a/c units did.

Back to our Events; We did, regrettably, cancel one Event to a first-time car show near Reedley. The “Teen Challenge Car Show”, as it was forecasted to be 107 degrees that day, and that was just too hot. It was their 1st annual car show and we really wanted to support them. Hopefully next year.
When things were a little cooler in July we had a tour to some local memorabilia collectors, hosted by the Horseless Carriage Club (Vic and Linda Groah & Jim Pimental, were hosts); and then some of our own, Larry and Donna Williams, took us up some back roads to Hume Lake and a great walking Tour of the old lumber mill site. We were also invited by the Horseless Carriage Club to participate in a Tour to Selma for a “Concert in the Park.”(Also cancelled because of the super heat).

We did hit on a cooler day Saturday, August 10th, for the Annual Bockman Ice Cream Social. We had great ice cream, beautiful Model A’s and some really good fellowship.
September 14th, we are headed to Orcutt, CA, for the “All Ford Car Show”………. October 12th, we have the Exeter Fall Festival Parade followed the next day by an invitation to Bill and Shiela Bennett’s home for a day of fun and BBQ. September 21st is “National Model A Day”…..Look for our cars around town that day “AHOOGA’ING” and having fun. “Drive those Model A’s, Saturday , September 21st.!!!!!

And then in November we have a very exciting Tour to “Edwards Air Force Base” for a day loaded with sightseeing and actual touching of the Air Force Hardware based at Edwards. Obviously there will be no picture taking allowed, but the Air Force will be taking all sorts of photos of us, our cars and all, and we will have a full opportunity to download these pictures. We will be driving our Model A’s on the base and will be shuttled to different exciting points on their facility. This event will take place on November 15th, but to be on Base at 8:30am Friday morning, we are planning to Caravan over to Mojave, CA, on November 14th and stay the night to be ready for the early roll call. Please contact Phil Kneeland for further details. (559-679-1980)

If you have noticed in the foregoing article, I have been referring to The Horseless Carriage Club in harmony with the Model A Clubs on some Tours and Events. Some of the local Car Clubs have agreed to join forces to provide more participation in these Events and Tours. We have seen, over the past years, a depleting of membership in all of our Clubs. We have felt this lack of membership and participation in our meetings and events. The local Car Clubs, specifically; The Charter Oak Model A Club (Visalia), The Happy Honkers Model A Club (Porterville), the Horseless Carriage Club of Tulare County and the Chevy Club, have agreed to join forces in our activities so that we may keep the “Old Car World” in Tulare County as active as it has always been. We are encouraging our members to join these other Clubs. All of these Car Clubs are in need of younger members to carry on this worthwhile hobby of preserving “Cars of Antiquity,” and so our campaign is going forward with vim-n-vinegar!

Each member of these Clubs sees the necessity of interesting younger participants to join our ranks and eventually become owners-of-cars and supporters of the “Wonderful Autos of Antiquity.” Our National Clubs are also seeing this need and are encouraging each Club to have “youth-oriented activities and events.”

All of the above mentioned Clubs are rallying together to initiate a “Redwood High School (Visalia,CA), Ag Mechanics Shop Classic Car Build”. We have anticipated supplying this shop class with the parts needed to build a classic car from the ground up. We need more youth that are interested, and so the Charter Oak Model A Club has sponsored Jayden Deisman, a newer member, and recent graduate of Redwood, in applying for a Model A Club of America College Scholarship. Jayden was granted this scholarship just recently for completing his (and Dad’s) restoration of a 1930 Model A Roadster Pickup, and of course for having a great academics record. The scholarship was for a possible $4000.00 for a four year education.

The Charter Oak Model A’s and Happy Honkers Model A Club’s have, over the past 2 years, increased their membership and activity participation. Now that we seem to be on a “roll”, we are even more interested in making this “Hobby” a fun-filled and exciting one.
I write this article as Linda and I are some of these new Members, and we see the strong need of more participation and membership. “We joined the Model A ranks just 2 ½ years ago with our purchase of a 1931 Model A Sport Coupe. This car was a “Barn Find”, and Linda and I, with the help of many others rebuilt this car into a nice “driver”. We didn’t know how much fun and what a learning experience this would be. We thought we were just going to have a Model A, but, my wife Linda and I have found an involvement and friendships of many “Car Buffs” in this area. But, you have to be involved in your “Car Community” to enjoy it.

If you want to have loads of fun and to meet some truly “Nice People” then give us a call and join our Clubs. Call or email Phil Kneeland (lindannphil@sbcglobal.net) if you’d like to be on our Model A Clubs monthly Newsletter email list. It’s free for the asking.

I encourage each of you that has any type of inclination to be a part of this “Vintage Car World”, (you don’t need to own a car to join; just have “A love of Old Cars”); contact Bill Bennett of the Horseless Carriage Club (559-967-0112); or myself, Phil Kneeland
(559-679-1980) of the Model A Clubs.

Linda and Phil Kneeland (for more info), Email: lindannphil@sbcglobal.net

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