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Charter Oak A’s and Happy Honker A’s News
By Phil Kneeland

Recently we’ve been driving our Model A’s on some “Social Distancing Drives”. You might ask what is a “Social Distancing Drive”?

We in the Model A World are getting a little stir crazy with all of these “shelter in place orders”. Not that the orders are out of line. Yes, we’ve kind of invented some really good reasons to get-out-and-about. Our President of Charter Oak A’s, Jason deisman, had a family birthday party for his Mom and daughter Camryn, in Mom’s front yard. We gathered 10 Model A’s from our two Clubs at Lowes parking lot (staying 6 feet apart of course) and then paraded past their cul-de-sac home with our Ahooga horns “Ahooga’ing,” running our “Wolf Whistles” and had some colorful balloons flying. We had a great time afterwards by parading down an “empty Main Street” and then going to Foster Freeze Drive through for their Tuesday $1.00 ice cream cones (and of course keeping our social distancing).

We’ve had a couple more excuses to get out as we honored our Happy Honker Member, “Buzz Fisher” for her being honored with the coveted “Jacquie Conley Award”: “This prestigious award, which was established in 2002, is given to a person that has shown over a period of years that they are not only an active member but are willing to give of themselves to help others. An individual that has “Gone The Extra Mile” for their chapter and displays an enjoyment for the Model A way of life. Jacquie Conley was well recognized for her love for the Model A and her willingness to help others. This is the highest award given to a member of the CCRG (Central California Regional Group of our National Club, MAFCA). “ We had about 20 members in attendance and 13 Model A’s out to celebrate with Buzz on this fantastic occasion.

We are contemplating joining together, in the future, in our Club Membership Meetings in an open-air atmosphere to handle necessary Club business. The big event we’re contemplating coming up in September is our CCRG Grand Tour. This is a trip in our Model A’s of about 1000 miles and this one is planned over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Bishop and Mono Lakes, Bodie and then return over Tioga Pass back home again This will be about a 4 night trip with a lot of great sight-seeing involved. We are also contemplating a Tech Seminar hosted by the Charter Oak Club on some portion of repair on your Model A Ford. These tech seminars are usually held in a member’s garage and include about an hour or two on a Saturday that keeps us up to date on repair and maintenance of our cars.

These are very interesting get-togethers in a very casual setting. I do want to remind all of you “Car Nuts” that the F.A.S.T. (Santa Margarita Ranch Time Trials) are coming up July 18th, 2020 and we are going to have a couple of our Charter Oak Members that will be participating. Come out and support them. For more info see the F.A.S.T. web site at: Another more very important item we are “So Proud Of”…………..One of our younger members and son of our 2020 President Jason Deisman; Son, Jayden Deisman, graduated from Redwood High School last year in 2019. Now that is a great feat but more stupendous than that is that he (less than a year later) has graduated from COS with an A.S. Degree………….Now you say “that is great”, but Jay has also been accepted to U.C. Davis next semester to major in “Sustainable Enviromental Design”. Jay also makes time to help Club members Model A major repairs and makes most Club events. Where does he get the time and energy?

The Club is so proud of Jay and we know that more young folks are needed in this hobby. A couple of our active members in these Clubs have been submitting “Car Stories” and sending them to a lot of the Clubs around the U.S. A. and Canada. They feel that these home-spun stories will help to lighten these days of being sequestered and away from every ones car friends. These “Car Stories” have sparked the memories of other Car Enthusiasts and have had many stories of “days gone by” submitted to them and published for everyone to enjoy. We encourage any of you to call me and get more info on joining these active Clubs. Phil Kneeland (559) 679-1980

Buzz Fisher Jacquie Conley Award Day

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